ADW - dyspersyjna masa asfaltowo-kauczukowa Izoplast Dysperbent

ADW - dyspersyjna masa asfaltowo-kauczukowa Izoplast Dysperbent


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Asphalt-rubber dispersion Izoplast Dysperbent is an ecological, water-dilutable agent for making all types of vertical and horizontal waterproofing insulations on the outside and inside buildings. It does not contain toxic ingredients.


  • renovation and maintenance of old roofing materials
  • making jointless roof coatings on an asphalt pavement primer,
  • making a jointless waterproof layer on all vertical and horizontal planes, using coating reinforcement and making it easier to lay (eg polypropylene mesh, veils and glass fabrics, polyester nonwovens)
  • performing waterproof and anti-moisture insulation of all types, including ceilings, foundation benches, floors (eg basements, bathrooms), balconies, terraces, swimming pools.

Technical data

  • does not contain organic solvents,
  • "cold" product - ready for use,
  • Apply with a brush on the prepared surface,
  • work at temperatures above 5 ° C and rainless weather (outside),
  • the drying time of the 1 mm thick coating at 20 ° C is approx. 6 hours.
  • consumption depends on the substrate from 0.4 to 0.8 kg / m2 on one layer

Technical data

10 kg


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