Bolix - external silicone paint Bolix SIL

Bolix - external silicone paint Bolix SIL

manufacturer: Bolix

Category: Silicone

product #: 3697

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Product description

It is used to make decorative, renovation and maintenance paint coatings on the exterior of a building. Creates a hydrophobic and vapor-permeable coating on the painted surface with high resistance to dirt and adverse weather conditions. Silicone paint is great for first painting and renovation paint. It is used on such surfaces as concrete surfaces, cement slabs, brick walls, cement and cement-lime plasters, thin-layer mineral plasters, silicate and silicone plasters. BOLIX SIL paint, due to its high hydrophobicity, vapor permeability and resistance to atmospheric conditions, is used in painting the property in representative and historic buildings.

Technical data

  • One coat drying time: 4 hours
  • Wet scrub resistance:> 2000 brush stroke
  • Diffusion diffusion: Sd (m) = 0.07
  • Consistency: thick liquid
  • Color: white or compatible with the BOLIX Color Palette
  • Consistency: thixotropic
  • Paint consumption for one painting:
    • on a smooth, non-absorbent surface, it is 0.12 0.20 l / m2,
    • on rough ground (e.g. BOLIX structural plasters) is 0.20 0.28 l / m2.
  • composition: BOLIX SIL is a thick liquid with a low odor, it consists of silicone water dispersions, fillers, modifying agents and pigments. Colors are subject to a separate quote.

Technical data

application temperature range:
5 - 25 °C
bulk density:
1,45 kg/dm³
fully cured:
1 day/days
substrate temperature:
5 - 25 °C